CRMIPT : Close range /Control Response Medium ImPact Tool: a non lethal mini expandable tool that can expand and retract all within use of force allowing for trapping, control, takedown, impact and restraint of individuals. Can easily be used against other tools or weapons of opportunity with measured force. CRMIPT is equipped with Flex cuff cutter /seat belt cutter /clothing cutter to be used for safety and emergency rescue situations. CRMIPT Ramp and Cutter both act as glass / windshield breakers for emergency situations. CRMIPT is a personal defensive impact /Rescue tool: CRMIPT is now SOP with Hialeah PD under the approval of Chief Mark Overton, and the new cadre of CRMIPT officers and Instructors: Sgt. Nick Rios, Lt. Rick Fernandez, Sgt. Luis Quinones, Ofc. Raul Somarriba. There are 30 officers certified to carry and use the CRMIPT. CRMIPT: officers have a choice of either expandable baton or a CRMIPT. They must carry one or the other, most are choosing CRMIPT’s. Chief Overton wants this carried over to SWAT, ICE, RDF, and other tactical teams under his supervision CRMIPT is in use with USBP via Artesia NM/ El Paso: Deputy Chief Mc Closkey, Deputy Chief Steve Hamilton CRMIPT is in use with PSD CENTCOM, SOCOM, DON LE-MIL Spec Holster: Nylon cordura holster which fits both sizes, Standard and Magnum. Designed to fit on gun belt, duty belt, or on Molle gear. All 3 snap positions are MIL Spec snaps for easy on-off use. Retainment flap has MIL Spec plastic catch. Rigid backing with tie-down gossets to attach to leg gear, or directly to leg. Loop catch on top to attach to vest or Molle gear. For Distributor Pricing Please Call or Email.
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