Lapu Lapu Corto

1. Persian Upswept Blade • unsharpened rear edge • razor sharp factory front edge, flat grind, AUS 8 Stainless • large blade belly for cutting power and self correcting cuts 2. Kinetic Opening Ramp • the most reliable opening system, no spring or mechanical assist • allows knife to be opened positively 1-handed, with gloves or under slippery conditions • effective guard to prevent slipping and provide added protection • rounded edge allows for control and redirection techniques 3. Puzzle Lock • revolutionary patented lock system for unmatched strength • ergonomic lock release for safe closing and reduction of force levels in the flow of use • blade release does not put fingers in harms way 4. Indexing • patented system of kinetic markers (liner dimple and spoon clip (rear side)) to facilitate changes in grip, forward and reverse 5. Ergonomic Handle • G10 scales to provide lightweight profile and superior grip • patented shape to effectively fit hands through different motions and grips 6. Lanyard Hole
Lapu Lapu Corto
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