The Tusok, designed by Bram Frank ist probably the only knife available to be designed for women. Actually it fit´s a man´s hand quite well, too. With an overall length of 4 1/8 inch in the closed position it is very handy and practical for everyday tasks. The ramp on the back of the blade can be used to open the blade by striking an object. That way, emergency opening e.g. in a car accident can be done under stress. This kind of opening is called "kinetic opening". It was invented by Bram Frank who owns the patents for it. The first 1/3 inch from the tip down is kept semi-sharp (non-cutting) so you can use the tip for cleaning fingernails without cutting yourself. You can pick a thread from your knitwear without cutting it. At the same time this tip geometry make the tip really strong for simple / easy scraping or prying jobs. Women that already carry the Tusok as an everyday best friend, finding great ways to attach it to their clothing. Some like to carry it in the bra. That way when they need it, it´s readily accessible. Imagine sitting in a car and trying to get it out of a jeans pocket! Some men like the compactness of it and so they carry it easily in their business suit. We know of horseriders, using their Tusoks to open a bale of straw or have it ready to free and entangled horse. In the following pics we have some customers showing their preferred carry method. Waistband and bra carry. • Steel: rustresistent 8Cr13MoV steel (similar to AUS-8) • Hardness: HRC 58 • Construction: Steelliner + black G10 handle scales • Lock: extremely safe and exclusive "Puzzle Lock", designed by Bram Fank • Low pocket clip, to attach to clothing or purse. • "Kinetic Opening": Knife can be opened by striking objects. • "Indexing": Indents in the clip and opposite handle scale ensure safe gripping and changing of grip positions. • Length closed: 4 1/8 inch • Length open: 5 3/4 inch • Blade length: 2 1/4 inch • Packing: Zippered nylon pouch
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